Night Skies

It’s getting more and more difficult to see the stars across the night sky.  Many of us live in giant metro areas, forcing us to miss out on seeing all the stars. The lights of the city drown out the visibility of seeing the stars.  Since I grew up in the country primarily, I had no idea how spoiled I was to be able to look up into the darkness and see all the constellations glitter across the sky’s canvas.  There is something so magical about being out in the darkness in the middle of the night, and looking up at the stars twinkling across the sky.  The more I take images of the starry skies, the more i enjoy it.  The darkness forces me to slow down and that pace allows me to reveal in the beauty of the landscape.  The scenery takes on a different shape after the sun goes down.

This gallery is all about stars across the night sky.