The Flashpoint R2 eVOLV 200 First Impression

Lets start with the obvious here.  The Flashpoint R2 eVOLV 200 is a variance of the Godox ad200 and is sold at Adorama in the US.  This system appears to check all the boxes a photographer would want in a flash system.  It is small, portable, and at 200 watts of power brighter than a modern speed light at about the same size.  There are a stable full of accessories and gadgets that make the flash even more attractive. My Flashpoint eVOLV 200 first impression is that these strobes pack a big punch in a portable package.

Given that this system also has a transmitter for most of the major camera brands adds to the excitement.  I shoot medium format and full frame cameras from different manufactures.  Being able to use the same lighting system by just changing out the transmitter is a huge plus of not needing to buy portable speed lights for both systems.  The eVOLV 200 also has High Speed Sync (HSS) as icing on the cake.

Now that we’ve gotten all excited about the possibilities, let’s see how it performed the first time out.

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