Sunrise in Panamint Springs Death Valley is an amazing experience.  It is a great area and well worth the adventure.  Read more about the Behind the Scenes of this image and enjoy the Sunrise.

Panamint Springs Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is known around the world as having some of the hottest temperatures during the summer.  Little did I know that in the winter the mountains in the park get snow.  The Panamint Springs area has a private area with camping and such and is a great place to stay in the area.  For more about Panamint Springs visit the NPS Site.

Behind The Scenes

This image, titled “Sunrise Panamint Springs Death Valley” was taken in the fall of 2013.  The sunrise that morning was probably the most vibrant I have ever scene.  This photograph was shot fairly quickly because I woke up due to the bright colors in the sky.  This was definitely one of those moments where you take a deep breath and really appreciate nature and enjoy the desert landscape. As a result, this photograph has always felt a little rushed to me.

This a great reminder to always be prepared when you are out traveling.  You never know when you will just need to grab the camera and go.  Therefore, remember to always have you camera close and your tripod even closer.  In other words, be prepared.

Photographing a sunrise is not as easy as it would seem.  There are many things to consider:

  • Make sure that when you meter you are careful to not overexpose the sky and underexpose the foreground.  As a result, I usually use a Split Neutral Density Filter and a Circular Polarizer.
  • Your exposures can be long.  Therefore, a sturdy tripod is a must.
  • The light changes quickly.  As a result, pay attention to your exposure times.  If the sun is starting to peak out you might want to shorten your exposure. If your exposure time is 30 seconds metered, by the time that finishes the light could be much brighter.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy the image.

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Sunrise Panamint Springs Death Valley pink color landscape photograph

Woke up on Thanksgiving morning in Panamint Springs inside Death Valley National Park, and could not grab my camera fast enough and get outside for the Sunrise. Sunrise Panamint Springs Death Valley was absolutely amazing.

The Trip

Death Valley National Park has severe weather.   The heat in the summer is dangerous if you are not prepared.  Therefore, a trip to Panamint Springs should really be planned.  It is well worth it though.  As a result, this is a place that I would really like to go back too.  Sunrise in Panamint Springs Death Valley makes this place worth the trip.

If you do plan that trip make sure to take take 2X the water you think you will need.  The desert is dry and you want to make sure you are prepared for any emergencies.

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