30 Day Photo Challenge Day 23

Day 23 of the 30 day challenge. Tick, tock the clock just keeps clicking away!  So amazed at how fast the days are flying by.  The end of the month will be here before I can really believe it.

A quick reminder that the goal is to carry a camera with me every day for 30 days and take and post a new image every day.  I’m sure this will be a lofty goal, but I’m excited about the challenge.

Day 23 has been another busy one.  Spending most of my time right now putting the finishing touches on a new portfolio for the Brewery Artwalk.  I was able to take a little break from that today and get into the studio for a quick shot though.  I’m really on a black and white kick lately, probably due to all the time in the darkroom as of late. With that said here is today’s image.  Hope you enjoy the image, and don’t forget to check out the events page to come out and see the completed work.

Hope you enjoyed today’s image.  Leave me some feedback, or thoughts in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to look at the other images in the galleries while you are here.

Still waiting for the prints in yesterday’s Challenge Day 22 image to dry!  Love the darkroom.