30 Day Photo Challenge Day 7

Day 7 of the 30 day challenge.  What started out as a tribute to a portrait of Norma Shearer by photographer George Hurrell, turned very wrong very quickly.

A quick reminder that the goal is to carry a camera with me every day for 30 days and take and post a new image every day.  I’m sure this will be a lofty goal, but I’m excited about the challenge.

Day 7 was just plain daunting to get through.  Whatever could go wrong tried to go wrong.  Even the layups went south (I even knocked over breakfast before I finished making it).  I tried to recreate a portrait form the golden age of cinema today.  Photographer George Hurell photographed academy award winner Norma Shearer in 1932 using to simple lights.  After numerous hours and a super patient model, I gave up but finally took a shot with the camera that worked but was not the recreation I originally envisioned .  Studio light lighting is a tricky beast and I’m glad I struggled through this, but can’t wait to work more with the strobes.  If you want to see more strobe work check out my blog about the eVolv 200’s. With that said, here is the day 7 image. 


This portrait was shot in the studio in  downtown Los Angeles, CA.  I am exploring how to use light in ways that I haven’t done before, and loving working to recreate golden era portraits. 


Hope you enjoyed today’s portrait, and 30 day photo challenge day 7.  Leave me some feedback, or thoughts in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to look at the other images in the galleries while you are here.

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