Amboy California is an iconic stop on old Highway Route 66, and the Roy’s Cafe sign is a great landmark.  This place is a great trip down classic Americana and a different era.  Read more about this great place and the Behind the Scenes of the photograph.

Amboy California

What a great history.  Amboy was populated as early as the mid 1800’s, and really started to boom in 1926 due to Route 66 going through it.  In 1938 Roy’s Motel and Cafe opened.  The town remained steady and prosperous until Interstate 40 went in in 1973 and bypassed the area.  Since then there has been a load of history and changes, and it is said today to only have 4 residents.  If you want to know more about this place check Amboy, CA.

Behind The Scenes

This image, titled “Roy’s Cafe” was taken in the winter of 2012.  It was taken at night using the light from the full moon and gas station directly behind me.

The photograph is a great example of how shooting at night can produce some very interesting results with good exposure and still capture the stars in the night sky.  This does require some work and patience though.  First, you need to use a tripod for the long exposures.  Otherwise, it is impossible to hold the camera steady that long.  This exposure for the image was 10 seconds.  Next, working at night makes it more difficult to compose a frame.  Therefore sometimes it takes taking a few images and reviewing them to get the composure that you want.  Lastly, it is really important to move slowly and watch where you are going.  In the dark it is easier to trip or stumble and you don’t want to drop you gear onto the ground, or worse hurt yourself.

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Classic Americana route 66 sign of Roys cafe at night photograph

This is the classic Roy’s Cafe sign in Amboy, CA on old historic Route 66. It is an amazing place to visit and see the history. If only the cafe and what’s left of the hotel could talk. I can only imagine the stories.

The Trip

Amboy is a long way from anywhere in the Mojave desert.  It is a commitment to travel there, but don’t let that deter you.  The desert is beautiful, and it is an amazing place to stare at the dark night skies.  There is very little light pollution.

If you are going to travel there remember the following –

Be Prepared.  It is desert and you need to make sure to carry food and water.

  • The desert is hot during the day, but it cold at night.  Remember to take warm clothing as well if you are going to stick around for the stars.
  • Make sure to gas up before you head out.  You don’t want to head out to an area this remote without a full tank of gas.
  • Always be prepared.  Carry a first aid kit with you.  You never know when you’ll need a bandage or more.

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