What a great adventure to the slot canyons near Page Arizona!  This image was taken in Secret Canyon.  Read more to see how the image happened.

Secret Canyon Page Arizona

Secret Canyon is part of the same area near Page, AZ where Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are found.  All these canyons are located on Navajo Indian Reservation, require approved tour guides, and any photographs taken and distributed require a permit.  Secret Canyon is much smaller and more difficult to get to and therefore has way less traffic.

Behind The Scenes

This image, titled “Around The Bend” was taken in the fall of 2015.  The trip to Secret Canyon was amazing because it was only my parents, the tour guide and 1 other person in the canyon while I was there.  That meant that I had time to set up for the shots I wanted without being rushed along (if you have been to antelope canyons, you’ll know what I mean).  It gave me time to set up a tripod and think about the composition. Therefore, I was able to really focus on a few amazing angles in the canyon during the hour long tour.  While I was taking the image, I was so blown away by the spectacular beauty of the landscape.

Taking images in the canyons is one of the most awesome things I have ever done.  Since you are in a deep canyon, the sun moves changes the light and colors of the sandstone.  It changes so quickly that you can actually see it it if you stand in a place for just a short time.

This photograph was made from 1 single shot.  It is not multiple images.  The colors are what really inspired me because the way the light was bouncing, you could see all these different colors all at once.  I see these colors in images from the slot canyons, but rarely do I see all the purples, reds, and yellows this dramatic in the same image.

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Slot Canyon Purple Red Yellow Textures Secret Canyon Lower Antelope

This image is an amazing example of the slot canyons around Page Arizona. The purple, red, and yellow colors are so exciting. This is Secret Canyon. This canyon was so awesome to photograph!

The Trip

All the slot canyons I visited were amazing.  Secret Canyon was by far the most unique.  It was very special to have the canyon almost completely to myself and be able to really enjoy the beautiful nature treasure.  I have seen many places on my adventures.  There are a few that I would like to go back to and revisit.  Secret Canyon was the type of place that as soon as I finished my trip I couldn’t wait to go back. Therefore, it is a place I highly recommend going if you have the chance.

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