Redondo Pier is located just South LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA.  This gem of a landmark is a great place to visit and watch the sunset.  Learn more about how this photograph happened.

Redondo Beach Pier

The pier is an amazing place to spend some time.  There are so many shops, restaurants, and most importantly the Pacific Ocean.  The Redondo Beach Pier is over 100 years old, and made of wood.  It is the also the largest endless pier on the California Coast.  Therefore, the Redondo Beach Pier is a very unique place to catch a sunset.

Behind The Scenes

This image, titled “Another SoCal Sunset” was taken in the winter of 2017. The pier is really interesting and great to use in the foreground of a sunset over the pacific ocean.  In this image I particularly like the man vs nature with the people, the pier and the ocean.

Shooting this photograph was a little tricky.  I did not have a tripod with me and given all the people around, it is difficult to use one anyway.  Nevertheless, I was able to improvise and set my camera down on a cement block.  This kept the camera steady even though this was a fairly low light situation and needed a somewhat long shutter speed of 1/30 sec.  It is a great reminder to use the things around us to be able to make sure the camera stays stable during a shot when you don’t have a tripod or mono pod.

Mother nature came through with a beautiful sunset that truly highlighted the awesomeness of Redondo Beach Pier.

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photo Redono pier sunset blue sky orange yellow clouds

Caught this sunset at Redondo Beach Pier, CA. The sky was great but the pier with the people just completed the composition.

The Trip

A trip to Redondo Beach Pier isn’t just about a sunset.  It is a great place to pick out some fresh seafood and have it grilled right there to enjoy.  It’s about having a cold beverage at Toni’s while gazing out the 360 degrees of windows.  Then walk off the dinner and beverage going through rows of classic beach themed shops or even better grab an oyster and try your luck at finding a pearl.  The pier is a place to take a deep breath and smell the ocean air.  It is a great place to see history, enjoy the Pacific Ocean, and shoot a little photography.

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