30 Day Photo Challenge Day 16

Day 16 of the 30 day challenge. Made it past the mid way point of the month! On the downhill side of the 30 challenge!

A quick reminder that the goal is to carry a camera with me every day for 30 days and take and post a new image every day.  I’m sure this will be a lofty goal, but I’m excited about the challenge.

Day 16 was me in the studio getting print work mounted and ready for the upcoming Brewery Artwalk.  It was a very crazy day hanging out in the studio with the music turned up and just working away.  It is the part of being a photographer that reminds me the profession is definitely not all glitz and glamor as many would like to think.  I’m super excited though because I have a some new work and some classic collector favorites ready for the show.  Don’t forget to check out the Events Page for more details about upcoming shows to see the work in person.  Man this was one chill and cool bird!  With that said, here is the day 16 image. 


Hope you enjoyed today’s image.  Leave me some feedback, or thoughts in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to look at the other images in the galleries while you are here.

For those more interested in images of a road runner, check out the Challenge Day 15 image.